People often ask me why I stay so busy here in Lexington – I train quite a few clients. The answer is simple, and it’s not isolated to this particular area.

Personal training is a much needed occupation in the world at large. I myself use accountants, tax consultants, and we all should be using physicians and dentists. Personal Training is no different; in essence it’s preventative medicine.

When you work out with a personal trainer you are keeping yourself accountable to someone outside yourself. That assures you get the workout done and keep seeing results.

You are also getting the best information available (well, if you get a high quality trainer), and that is invaluable. Most people don’t have time to sift through studies and stay on top of the latest in exercise physiology, so they hire someone who does that to aid them on their fitness journey.

This occupation is one that will always be around because it’s such a valuable asset to so many busy people. The truth is that those that love working out – those that live and breathe to exercise are the vast minority.

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) only about 20 percent of Americans get the recommended amount of exercise. 20 percent!

That means that 80% of us are not maximizing our chances at a long and healthy life. Emphasis on healthy – it’s not just quantity, but quality that is of utmost importance.

When you do finally buckle down and invest in personal training an amazing thing happens. Overnight fitness suddenly becomes a part of your life. It’s a serious life hack.

Immediately you begin the lifestyle of a fit person – working out at least 3 times a week and beginning your fitness journey. Sure there are tons of other aspects that you have to gain control of – like diet, sleep, water intake…

But the process begins as soon as you hire a trainer. And that is a pretty amazing thing – something you have control of – something that you can take action on.

In this article I just wanted to touch on the importance of having others in our lives; and not just others, but others with skills that we might be missing. There is no shame in not being good at everything.

I would hate to see how my taxes would turn out without my accountant! The truth is as humans we just can’t be good at everything – and we have to turn some things over to professionals.

Every time I look in a clients eyes after they sign up for my program I think, “You made a great decision”. I’m so happy for them, because I know the value I’m going to bring them.

That’s what it’s all about folks, taking the time to take the right actions to produce the right results. Research your trainer, look at their track record (testimonials, media, articles) and pick them based upon that track record.

You won’t go wrong, and you won’t regret making that decision. In fact you may be very happy you did for a long, long time. Maybe years longer (and healthier) that you would have without the trainer.
Yours in Health,


Jay Scott

Owner, CE-Fitness Personal Training

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