The fitness industry is heading south – no scratch that – it has been in the deep south (and I don’t mean Savannah Georgia) for a long time. If you’ve tried a few diets that were bunk, a few programs that promised the moon and delivered a grain of sand – then you’ve felt it.

It’s ridiculous. And it’s mainstream baby. You see these stories everywhere; CNN, ABC, CBS, TCBY (OK, I made that one up), but let’s just say the marketing is keeping everyone confused about what really works. And I think that’s because it’s so simple.

Reducing calories is all you have to do. Move a few times a week – that’s all you have to do.

Simple huh, you might be thinking. If it’s so simple why have I failed in the past? Because it’s not easy. Big difference.

It takes a full on lifestyle change to accomplish sustained weight loss and a fit body. You have to change the very fiber of your being. All the way to the core.

Not halfway, not 3/4 of the way – nope all the way down to the core. How will you know when you’ve succeeded? Well, it’s not when your pant size, dress size, or the scale tells you so…

It’s when you are consciously thinking of yourself as a “fit” person. It’s when you get up and think, “I’ve got to brush my teeth, take a shower, do 100 body weight squats…”

Take a minute to absorb that last sentence. When doing a workout is in line and on the same level as brushing your teeth, taking a shower, and rubbing your Childs little noggin – then, and only then, have you succeeded.

Let’s flip the coin now and head to food. How do you know you’ve succeeded on your “diet”? Again, not when the scale says so, for the scale is fickle and can shoot back up just as quickly.

You know you’ve succeeded when Bethany at work says – “Hey, I made some cookies, they are over on the platter, take as many as you want”, and you look those cookies square in their little chocolate chip eyes and think “I don’t want any.”

THAT’S when you’ve succeeded. Now think about that sentence; the fact that you don’t want those cookies. What does that mean? We all want cookies and always will right?

Actually no, not right. When you reach a certain level where you are happy with your current food intake, you love your food, and you know it keeps your body trim and lean – you actually don’t want those cookies.

Because when you’ve succeeded you realize that food isn’t just the 62 seconds of mouth pleasure until you swallow – it’s also the weeks, read that again WEEKS of effects that come from that food. In other words if you eat it and don’t burn it, you wear it.

As love handles, as rolls, as cellulite – you wear it.

The goal is to get to the point where you think, “cookies are super tasty, but so is my no bake oatmeal recipe that I have waiting at home, and if I wait and eat that – I’ll keep looking and feeling great, so no thanks to the cookies.”

So let’s all try to get to that point – to real success – and let’s stop chasing the next quick fix. Let’s chase the real fitness success.


Love ya,


Jay Scott

Owner, CE-Fitness Personal Training

Lexington, KY


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