The One Thing…

I’ve recently been reading a book titled The One Thing by Gary Keller. It’s an amazing read – and definitely worth picking up.

Why you ask? Because it takes away the complexity of any given task.

In today’s society we don’t know what to do; or even if we know what to do – we don’t know what to do first! With Google, e-books, internet marketing, and ads running out our wazoo, we just can’t seem to nail down that One Thing.

The same applies for every subject imaginable – too many choices, too little action – but in the fitness industry it’s downright ridiculous! It seems every week there is a new “diet” popping up, or a new magical pill or potion.

The truth is that all of these choices have made us stall out and do nothing. OR they have made us start one thing, then switch to another after a few weeks because we “aren’t sure it is working.”

There is no shame in this. Any human with so many supposedly “reputable” choices would face the same dilemma.

There is one thing that clears away opinions and dogma though – and that one thing is science. Peer reviewed, evidence based science.

Now before we go further though, I want to give you a pointer. Not all science is created equal. After all, if you dig hard enough and deep enough, you can find a study to back up anything.

However the truth remains. If a study is reputable and conducted properly (peer review being one example) there is nothing better for the fitness industry than science.

We have known about calories (as a measurement for human food consumption) since 1894. There is no mystery about what fat is composed of. It is stored food energy (measured in calories).

This is not confusing, yet so many people deny the fact that calories are the sole cause of weight loss and gain. Everyone is capable of becoming overweight, and everyone is capable of losing weight.

Science has proven this.

Now on to the ending (and final point) of this blog post. We have the choice of two reactions when we find out the truth about caloric balance.

  1. Yay! Now I know why I am overweight and how to lose fat. This is amazing!
  2. I refuse to accept this as the answer. I’m going to continue trying new fad diets and fat loss supplements – and I’m going to continue being disappointed.

That’s really the only two choices you have. I recommend the former. It’s your One Thing – and it’s so far and away the most important thing that it’s ridiculous.

In fact it’s the wings of the plane. It’s the wheels on the car. It’s the peanut butter on the jelly (OK that was a terrible one).

Comment below and tell me your thoughts on this subject, and let’s get all conversational and stuff.


Love ya,

Jay Scott

Owner, CE-Fitness Personal Training

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