Many people get super confused when it comes to weight loss. They read twenty different articles and all of them say they have the answer to quick (and usually easy) weight loss.

That leads us to several important questions: One: Who really has the answer? Two: What is the stinking answer anyway? Three: Is there a stinking answer?

Those are all great questions – and we are going to do our best to answer them today. First of all weight loss is really about a myriad of issues – not just food and exercise.

Here are a few of them:

  • Addictive Behavior – Examples:  Think watching T.V. and snacking, grabbing a handful of something to munch when the kids get crazy, using snack food as a “mini-break” while slaving away on that document at work.
  • Social Behavior – Examples: Your friends Sue and Janet really expect you to go out and have dinner, and they will talk about “how you have changed” if you order the salad instead of the Chicken Parm and a dessert. The kids don’t want to eat that for dinner. “Why are you making a special healthy dinner for yourself tonight? Why don’t you eat the same food as everyone else?”, says your spouse.
  • New Skill Acquisition – Examples: You’ll need to learn new recipes for foods you love – healthy potato wedges, an oatmeal recipe that takes the place of your normal cake or pie recipe. New meals at your normal restaurants that are lower calorie and higher nutrition.

OK, so you get the point – this weight loss stuff is a lot deeper than typical trainers and fitness buffs would have you believe. It’s just not as simple as eat less and move more, unless you live in a cave or something (and if that’s the case I’d like to know how you are reading this).

At this point a lot of folks say, “that’s too much information – too many changes – I’ll never be able to do that. I guess I’ll forget the whole thing.” That, my friends, is NOT the answer.

The answer to the age old question, ‘what is the first thing I should do to lose weight?’ is unlike all of the confusing, conflicting information you’ve read online. It’s simple.

Here is the answer: Make one better choice today.

That’s it! That’s all there is to it. Don’t change your breakfast, lunch, and dinner; or call your spouse and tell them their world is now upside down and that you are having wheatgrass for dinner…

Don’t sign up for a marathon, buy P90x, and get 2 gym memberships. Don’t go buy a bunch of scammy weight loss pills and a detox kit…

Relax, and make one better choice today. That’s all.

So what is a better choice? I’ll give you a couple. Pull out your smart phone and see how many steps you’ve been averaging over the last few days. Try to get 1,000 more today.

One more: Look at your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Find one item that is notably “unhealthy” (and by that I mean it has a ton of calories or sugar), then replace it with something like a piece of fruit, or a lower calorie option.

That’s it. Use this small step as a momentum builder – as a tiny springboard to a better you. After a week or two do one more thing to improve your life, then in a few weeks another.

Be patient and take your time. That’s the first thing you should do to lose weight.

It’s not flashy and it’s not fancy – but it’s real – and it will give you real (and maintainable) results!


Yours in Health,

Jay Scott

Owner, CE-Fitness Personal Training

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