If someone claims to have the best home workout ever – you should probably be skeptical, right? The answer is yes…and no.

There are most certainly components that make up a fantastic workout – and those components are especially important when it comes to training at home.

What are the components? Well let’s cover them shall we? *All of these components are covered in The Best Home Workout Ever! video below:

Component 1: The Push – There is a very good reason that the military uses the push up as a mainstay in their training program. It’s a portable, easy to perform, and highly effective exercise.

The truth is that you have to have a pushing movement in your program in order for it to be effective. Pushing movements work the front of the shoulder, the chest, and the triceps.

Component 2: The Pull – Rowing motions are the second thing that you simply have to have in your workout in order for it to be effective. The back is the 2nd largest muscle group in the body – so you also get a significant calorie burn from rows.

It is difficult to perform a row at home because it requires something to pull towards your body. Dumbbells are your best option for rowing, but you can also use soup cans or even a backpack or satchel. Just grab it by the straps!

Component 3: The Squat – The squat is the single most amazing exercise for the lower body – in fact it might just be the single most amazing exercise in existence. The reason it is so spectacular is because it works the largest muscle group in the body – the legs!

By doing squats you can get a tremendous cardio workout along with strengthening what very well might be your most functional muscle group.

Component 4: The Crunch – The crunch is the most basic of all ab exercises – but don’t confuse “basic” with “unimportant”. The crunch has been around for centuries because of it’s amazing ability to train the core.

The abdominals function is to bring the pelvis towards the ribcage, and the crunch does this wonderfully.

Note: Sit ups are a great exercise as well, but when safety is a concern the crunch should be used. It’s much less stressful to the neck and still gives you all the benefits of a sit up.

Honorable Mention: The Plank – I am a huge fan of the plank – and I show you how to do it in the video above. The reason planks are so great is because they “tie” all the entirety of the core together and strengthen it as a whole.

As far as functional exercises go – I’d put the plank very high on my list.

As for my recommendations on how to implement this workout – well I’d recommend you do this workout 3 times a week, preferably on non-consectutive days. Take your time and build up the repetitions (and the weight on the rows) slowly.

So there you have it – the real, working components of the best home workout ever. Give this one a shot and start getting in great shape today!


Yours in Health,


Jay Scott

Owner, CE-Fitness Personal Training



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