Confusion about fitness abounds. Even when you listen to respected podcasts, YouTube Channels, and T.V. segments – you find various Personal Trainers telling you various “truths.”

The real truth is simple, but the real truth is NOT easy. The real truth is proven by science, but the real truth is NOT flashy and entertaining.

The real truth relies on a few ground level rules. And I can guarantee you that one (or all) of these is stopping you from losing weight and keeping it off permanently.

Rule 1: Calories Are King: No matter what anyone tells you always remember that the amount of food you eat determines if you lose weight or not – more so than any other factor.

Most diets rely on our human instincts (we’ll refer to them as needs), the need to belong to a tribe (the Paleo Diet trend), our need to have a common enemy (the anti-sugar trend).

But when push comes to shove these solutions are not livable nor maintainable. These solutions are temporary at best – band aids that cover the real issue – our calorie levels.

Rule 2: We Need To Move More: The truth is that everyone is looking for the “miracle workout”, but in reality you can do many types of workouts and still get ¬†in great shape. The workout itself isn’t the biggest part of the puzzle…

Sticking to the workout is. You can’t get results without sticking to a consistent exercise program for a few months. A few weeks just won’t cut it – no matter what “magical” workout you do.

So finding something you enjoy and that is convenient for you is imperative. CE-Fitness provides amazing at home workouts that deliver results without the inconvenience of the gym.

There are countless exercises and programs that could give you the body you want – but sticking with those workouts requires that they meet your needs physically, mentally, and emotionally. In other words you have to love your workouts enough to stick to them.

Rule 3: ¬†Fitness Has To Become A Lifestyle: If you can’t see yourself living the rest of your life on your current diet/exercise program – then it’s not the right program for you. Period.

At CE-Fitness our Personal Training focuses on blending what you want to achieve with what you love to do (and eat). So your diet and workout program starts to blend seamlessly into your lifestyle.

When that happens you have built the fitness lifestyle and you can keep your new fit body for the rest of your life. If you fail in this important task however, you will immediately yo-yo back to your previous state.

It does no good to get in shape if you can’t maintain it more than a day or two.

So there are the 3 things that have been stopping you from losing weight. The solution is indeed simple, but alas it is not easy. We recommend slowly starting to incorporate healthy foods you like along with exercises that you enjoy.

This will result in a fitness lifestyle that you can keep and maintain. And that, my friends, is what all of this is about.


Yours in Health,


Jay Scott

Owner, CE-Fitness Personal Training

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