Jump Start Package

Three Session “Jump-Start” Package on sale now!


The Jump-Start package is Lexington KY’s’ latest and greatest Personal Training Package. If you get registered for the Jump Start you will receive all of the following, at an extremely discounted price:


  • Personalized Nutrition Guidelines – After reading this you will know exactly how to lose weight. What foods you can eat (hint: you get to keep all your favorites), when you can eat them and in what amounts are all covered. This is not a “cookie cutter” Nutrition Plan, it is designed specifically to teach you specifically how to eat for your body.

  • Full Fitness Evaluation – This allows us to see exactly where you are at this point in your Fitness life. Weight, measurements, and a Fitness Assessment will be performed. Information gleaned here can be looked back at in the future to see progress, and also allows me to custom craft  Nutrition Guidelines just for you.

  • 3 Sessions with a Fitness Professional – This includes answers to all the questions about Fitness and Nutrition that you can think of – 3 full workouts, as well as lessons in anatomy, mind/muscle connection, and more!

  • FREE Copy of my New Book LIVE FIT, LIVE FREE – The Ultimate Guide To Losing Fat Without Losing Your Lifestyle. This alone is a $19.95 Value!  This book is a compilation of my life’s work, and has every invaluable piece of Fitness Information I could cram between two covers! Every topic is covered – from how to calculate calories to what exercises produce the best results. You get it absolutely FREE with the Jump Start Package!






Now I will tell you right now that I don’t sell my services based on price. Never have, never will. I KNOW my services are worth every penny I charge and I tell people to look elsewhere if they want “budget” Personal Training. I offer the best services and results – that is my selling point. That’s why I am able to offer a Money-Back Guarantee for all of my services –


The Jump-Start package is no different – you are fully satisfied or YOU GET YOUR MONEY BACK.


If for any reason you don’t feel this this is the best exercise experience ever, then you get every penny of your money back. It’s that simple. Not only that but you keep the personalized meal plan, results of the Fitness Evaluation, and all the information you can glean from spending 3 sessions with a fitness professional – at no charge!


I started offering a package like this for several reasons…


One, as all of us know – times are tough. It’s not easy to spend money on something unless you are sure it works –


It makes it much easier when the one selling you the product or service is willing to put their money where their mouth is and offer a Money Back Guarantee.


Two, It’s impossible for me to accept everyone that wants training. CE-Fitness is built on results and that means the client has to truly want to accomplish their goals. The Jump-Start allows me to find out if you are truly motivated and ready to take this huge step towards a new life –


Three, you need to decide if my type of training is right for you. Not all trainers and clients mesh perfectly and when I take you into the CE-Fitness team you become part of my family. Something that includes opportunity to call 24/7 and ask for advice or help – I’ll tell you right now I really do care, and I really do strive to give you the best Personal Training experience in Lexington.


Now there is one question to ask yourself – are you ready for a new life? It may sound cliche’ but that is truly what you will be getting. If the answer to that question is yes, then pick up the phone or shoot me an email. Remember you have nothing to lose except dress and pant sizes – call today for your FREE phone consultation, and to sign up for The Jump Start package!










Jay Scott

Owner: CE-Fitness Personal Training

Phone: 1-859-576-4453

Email: jay (at) cefitness.net



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