Fitness is a challenge for many people because our modern lifestyle setup is somewhat rigged against us. Let’s think about this in a bit of detail.

Humans are geared to progress, and they are geared to create technology that “eases” our existence. We tamed horses and used them for transportation, then later made planes, trains, and automobiles (I love that movie).

While this is wonderful for ridding us of dangerous journey’s and blistered feet – but it’s not so good for keeping our waistlines down. Strangely while our work output has been decreased exponentially over the last few centuries, our appetites have not downgraded along with it.

We still crave more food than we burn off – and that leads us to our next point. Our food is easier to come by than ever!

It wasn’t that long ago that humans had to go out and hunt down their food. If they wanted vegetables and grains, then they had to grow those veggies and then go out and harvest them. Once harvested they (or maybe I should be saying we) had to pack them, store them, and cook them.

Now largely all of this has been made obsolete. Machines pick vegetables, sort them, and freeze them. We buy them at the store and bring them to the comfort of our own homes where we can nuke (that’s slang for microwave) them and have them ready for dinner in 5 minutes!

It’s amazing, yet all too easy. Because veggies aren’t the only things that come easy. We can also stop by Dairy Queen on the way home and grab a burger, fries, and a Blizzard – have them in 5 minutes, and scarf down a days worth of calories in 10 minutes.

It’s really crazy. Crazy good and crazy bad at the same time. As you may have noticed, this blog was written with a bit of a “Debbie Downer” tone. I did that on purpose (I promise), lol.

The truth is that our society is better than it ever has been, and that we are so, so lucky. Even if you live in a 1 bedroom apartment you likely (actually almost certainly) have more amenities than a King did just 100 years ago.

Technology is amazing, but with every great gift comes a price. That price is that we have to use control and discipline to tame the power of easy food and an easy lifestyle. That means we have to limit how much (and what) we eat and get exercise regularly.

Or should I say ,”we get to control how much we eat and how much we exercise.” It think that is more fitting. We are blessed to be able to do so.

I’m going to put it to an even brighter note: “We are wonderfully blessed to live in a society where we have a plethora (fancy word alert) of food and amazing technology that allows us to do more, be more, and give more to society than ever before.”

Wow, that was pretty good, and I think that’s the note I was looking to leave you on. Just remember, with every silver lining there is a cloud, and ours is actually too many blessings.

Control your blessings and prosper!


Yours in Health,


Jay Scott

Owner, CE-Fitness Personal Training



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