Often a simple question comes up. Why should I get an in home personal trainer? What’s so special about training at home?

Today we are going to put this debate to rest, and concentrate on 3 BIG reasons that working out at home trumps other methods (like the gym).

1. It Saves You Time – If you are like most folks you are very busy. And few would argue the fact that time is our most valuable asset. When you go to the gym you waste precious time. Time that could be spent with your family, friends, or on your career. Working out at home gives you that time back.

What does this mean? It means more time with your children. It means a better relationship with your spouse. It means more time to work on that project you’ve been trying to get off the ground. It means time to take up that hobby that you’ve been putting off for years.

It’s different for everyone, but one thing is for sure. You’ll find a productive use for that time.

2. It Keeps You Accountable – Bleeding back into number one a bit – if you have to spend 20-30 minutes getting ready for the gym, 20-30 minutes in traffic on the way to the gym, 30 minutes at the gym, then 20-30 minutes coming home from the gym…well, let’s face it; you’ll be tempted to blow off your workout. When you workout at home with a trainer that comes to you – you’ll be accountable, and you’ll start getting results.

Accountability cannot be overstated enough. The reason P90x and Insanity (and every other exercise DVD ever made) doesn’t work is because there is no accountability. That means you do it for a while though sheer willpower, but then you stop. It doesn’t become a part of your life – a habit – because there is no accountability to keep going.

A personal trainer solves this issue by keeping you going long enough to form the fitness habit. It’s the not so secret secret to getting in amazing shape.

3. It’s Convenient – There is nothing more convenient than hearing a knock at your door, opening it, and having a great trainer there. 30 minutes later you have had a fantastic result producing workout, and then it’s back to life (and a healthier life with more vitality at that). Fitness convenience means fitness adherence, it means you’ll stick to the program and get in the best shape of your life.

Often in life we don’t look at the convenience factor of things enough. Simply pulling that aforementioned DVD out of the package and sliding it into the DVD player is sometimes enough to keep us form working out. It sounds crazy but it’s true.

It’s natural and very human to avoid things that are inconvenient, because we have to do so many things in life that are non-negotiable (things at work, things for family, etc.). By hiring a trainer you bypass the inconvenience and thusly stick to the program. It’s an amazing chain reaction that ends in fitness results.

So there you have it, 3 reasons you should seriously consider working out at home. This one factor very well may be the thing that is holding you back from fitness success.  Address this factor and watch the fitness results pour in!


Yours in Health,


Jay Scott

Owner, CE-Fitness Personal Training

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