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Sugar Is NOT Evil.

Let’s start this off right – after all this is a Personal Training site – and by definition that means to teach the truth about fitness (with my business anyway). If you are to train someone, then they should be trained the correct way and given the correct information. Unfortunately in fitness this isn’t always […]

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Is Personal Training Dead?

Personal Trainers honestly get very little respect. Why is that? Why do people have very little respect for Personal Trainers and for Personal Training in general? Probably because there are very little prerequisites for becoming a personal trainer. Anyone can become one by reading a book on fitness, then hanging out a shingle. That’s good […]

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Sometimes Fitness Is All You Got.

One thing that amazes me about fitness is how it can get you through so many disheartening things in your life. It’s quite amazing. As a Personal Trainer here in Lexington I’ve trained several people through sickness and injuries. I’ve also trained many people through deaths in the family, divorce, and other issues. They didn’t […]

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