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Top 10 Tips: The Happy Failure

I received this letter today. Not in the mailbox. Not even in my inbox. In my head. I quickly typed it out – and while it may need a revision or two, the main point is still there.   The letter is from “The Happy Failure” – or in other words – me 5 years […]

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Let’s Get One Thing Straight

Let’s get one thing straight. If something is worth cool, worthwhile, impressive, amazing, or just plain awesome – it’s gonna cost you something to achieve. My job as a Personal Trainer shows me this first hand every single day.   I’ve been a PC computer guy my whole life. I always looked for the fastest […]

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News Segment in Lexington Tomorrow!

Hey Lexington! Tomorrow on my Personal Trainer Fitness segment (on ABC 36) I’ll be demonstrating a squat, push-up, and ab exercise variation.   This workout is a great one to turn to if you don’t have exercise equipment and you need to workout in a hurry. Total time on this workout is far less than […]

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