Get The Body and Life Of Your Dreams – IN HALF THE TIME – without Changing Your Lifestyle. GUARANTEED.


Dear Friend,


I’ll get right to the point,


It’s a Scientifically proven fact that being out of shape and overweight can damage self confidence, self-esteem, cause depression, and reduce overall quality of life. I’m here to give you a solution. A solution that takes half the time of other programs – and works twice as well.


This is the truth about getting the healthy, fantastic body you’ve always dreamed of, and it’s GUARANTEED to work. If you answer yes to any of the questions listed below, you need to take back control of your life, and I can show you the way…



Are You Unhappy With The Look and Feel of Your Body?


  • Do you feel self-conscious about your body when in public?

  • If you had to go to the beach or pool – right now – would you be embarrassed and riddled with anxiety?

  • Are you ashamed and embarrassed by the size of your clothing, or the weight on the scale?

  • Do you long for the days when you were “thin” or “in shape” and think those days can never return?

  • Are you afraid that you won’t be able to play with your children or grandchildren because of deteriorating health?

  • Are you confused and frustrated by false advertisements and outright lies perpetuated in the media about dieting?

  • Are you ready to take action and get the toned, athletic body you’ve always dreamed of?


If you answered yes to any of the above I implore you to please keep reading.



This could be life altering, you have finally found the truth about getting the body of your dreams.


  • Wouldn’t it feel fantastic to finally be able to go to the beach without anxiety?

  • To impress your family and friends with a fantastic body – one that you earned.

  • Wouldn’t it be absolutely wonderful to go shop for new clothes – not because you outgrew them – but because they are simply too big?

  • Would it not be a super self confidence booster to have every ask you “how did you do this?!?! You look fantastic!”

  • Wouldn’t it be great to do all of this and still eat your favorite foods

  • Would it not be unbelievable to do these things and still keep an active social life – with plenty of time for work, play and fun?


Let’s face it. Mowing your lawn, walking your dog – or even the Annual Christmas Party can be loads more fun when you look like a Million Bucks. Looking good makes you feel good. Inside and out. Even menial tasks like going to the store become more enjoyable when you know you look fantastic – and can just throw on a tank top or tight sweater and go.


You look great, you feel great and that translates into all areas of life. Business, relationships (being attractive has never hurt for attracting a mate), and quality of life will improve quickly when you get a great looking, healthy body.


My name is Jay Scott – I own Lexington’s Number 1 Personal Training Business CE-Fitness; and I live like this every day. I work hard, play hard and have a great life. Not because I haven’t been overweight, because I have; and trust me when I say I’m no genetic marvel.


I’ve had points where I was terribly embarrassed of my body  (just look at the picture under the ABOUT tab above) but now I live a life free of embarrassment or self consciousness.


When I find out I’m going to the beach or pool I’m exited – not anxious. And when it comes time to buy clothes I’m not embarrassed or ashamed. Trust me I know that buying size 36 waist pants is no fun – and neither is buying a large dress size. It hurts your self esteem. It’s actually physically and mentally painful to go through that. I know where you are coming from – and I can take you where you need to be…



Imagine what it would be like to accomplish the following things in just a few short months. With my system you can accomplish these things and more…


  • Pounds of Fat Loss – So much that your Friends will stare in disbelief at your transformation

  • Turbo Charged Energy – My program will increase stamina and endurance so much that you’ll feel like you did when you were 20

  • A New Wardrobe That Looks Good – OK I’m not buying it for you, but it will be an unfortunate side effect of losing pounds of unattractive fat (imagine how fun it will be to buy snazzy new clothes to hang on that new body)

  • A Shiny New Outlook On Life – Science has proven again and again that working out alleviates depression, restores youthful vigor, and increases self-esteem and self-confidence

  •  Jet Fueled Job Performance – You will perform better in all areas of life when you are fit and productive, you’ll have less stress, more energy and make more money

  • A Great Looking Body – Man or woman, you deserve to have a great and attractive body. My program will make you the best you possible and make you turn heads


Sounds great huh? But maybe too good to be true? Well I’m not asking you to believe anything yet – not until you see the evidence for yourself. All I ask is for you to refrain from disbelief until I show you my proof.  Barbara lost nearly 30 pounds (and 8 Dress Sizes) and improved her body as well as her happiness, self-confidence and self-esteem. I call this a life transformation – it’s not just about your body – it’s about your mind, body and spirit…


If You’ve Got 30 Minutes, 3 Times a Week You Can Have Your Best Body Ever


TWICE the Results in HALF the Time



You read that correctly. I offer twice the results of other Personal Trainers – in half the time. Because of my experience with high intensity exercise, you will get the body of your dreams in half the time of a “traditional” training session.


Look, you are busy – in this day and age that’s a given. You don’t have hours to work out every day. And you know what? You don’t have to have hours to work out every day.


Science has proven that 3 intense 30 minute workouts a week – combined with a fantastic nutrition plan is optimal for well being, fat loss, and toning.


Now don’t get the idea you won’t be working hard – you will – but you will compress that work into a shorter time period, leaving time for the other things that have to get finished on a daily basis. Work hard – then get on with your life – what could be better than that?


Eat Your Favorite Foods – and Lose Fat FAST



You  can and should keep your favorite foods in your diet. Food is simply fuel – and science backs up the fact that you can eat your favorite foods and still lose fat quickly and efficiently.


Other Personal Trainers insist that eating bland and tasteless foods is the only way to fat loss. How can you stick to a “diet” that takes away all of the foods you love? You can’t.


With my Nutrition Plan you get to keep all of your favorites – you just learn how to eat them correctly.


Of course you want to eat a balanced and healthful diet – but a few treats won’t sabotage anything. How does it sound to lose fat fast and still keep your social life? When you train with me you’ll get to do just that!



3 Meals A Day – That’s All It Takes…



Are magazines, media and other Personal Trainers telling you you have to eat 6-8 “small” meals to lose fat? Wrong. Science simply does not support the fact that frequent small feedings are required to lose fat.


Do you like to eat 3 times a day? That won’t change on my plan – and your fat burning results will be the same!


Sounds too good huh? Well I’m not asking you to believe me yet…but…


 The Proof Is In The Proof…




I am the owner of CE-Fitness, Lexington KY’s Premier Personal Training business. I am an author, fitness model, NPC National Level Bodybuilder  with over a decade of experience in Personal Training. And most importantly I have a host of satisfied clients that I consider my family.



How am I different from all of the other Personal Trainers that promise the world and deliver nothing? I deliver. I’m not cocky or arrogant; I just have experience and a drive to be the best at what I do. This leads me to study and research constantly…not just for the best way – but for the easiest way.


The truth is Top-Level Personal Trainers are few and far between these days. Other trainers will tell you the propaganda that has been handed to them through fitness magazines and other unreliable sources.


I use real Peer Reviewed Scientific Research to help my clients attain their goals. Below are just a few falsities that less scientific Personal Trainers will propagate; just call up any Personal Trainer in Lexington and see if they tell you one of the following myths.



  • You must eat small meals 5-6 times  a day to lose weight. FALSE

  • You must eat bland, tasteless foods; as well as cut out your favorite treats to lose weight. FALSE

  • You need to work out for extended periods of time to reap the rewards of exercise. FALSE

  • Carbohydrates are bad. FALSE

  • Fat is bad. FALSE

  • You shouldn’t eat after a specific time, 6pm, 8pm or whatever. FALSE



If the Personal Trainer you just talked to embraces any of the myths above, please don’t invest in them. Run the other way. These folks will have you eating lettuce and plain cans of tuna the rest of your life; that’s not only impractical, but it’s unsubstantiated by Science and can be downright counterproductive.


These myths have been busted folks; this is the wave of the future where real Scientific Research reigns supreme. CE-Fitness is the wave of the future. CE-Fitness is proven, time tested Scientific Training right here in Lexington.


Below is the Truth(and Science) behind the Myths:


  • 30 minutes of intense exercise, 3 times a week has been Scientifically proven to give great results. TRUE

  • Your favorite foods can and should be kept in your daily diet. TRUE

  • 3 Meals a day is perfectly sufficient to get the body of your dreams. TRUE

  • The low Carb craze is over. Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fats are all fine (and actually needed) in your diet. TRUE

  • Low Fat dieting has went the way of the Dodo. Fat is fine to have in a successful diet. TRUE

  • You can eat whenever you want; as long as you stay within your caloric guidelines. Timing is not an issue. TRUE


Top Level Personal Training – Accept Nothing Less

How do you know a Top-Level Personal Trainer from a sub par one? Well they usually are in shape themselves(practice what they preach), they usually have vast knowledge of nutrition and exercise, they constantly strive to be better today than yesterday, and…


Top Level Personal Trainers back up what they say with Mind Blowing Testimonials that prove they can do the same thing for you


Here Is Just One Example From My Client Dr. John Stewart



How Else Do Top Level Trainers Differentiate Themselves From Their Competitors?


They are respected by their clients and by the community…




They Guarantee Results



I personally guarantee that you get fitness results or you can have your money back. There is no catch here. I am so confident I can give you the answer you have been looking for that I personally don’t see this as a risk. Speaking of risk, it’s a lot easier to spend your hard earned cash when you know there is no risk to you. Zero. Nada. If we can’t transform you into a person with a new body and life I will gladly give you every penny of your investment back. This is the best Personal Training in Lexington, KY. Period.


What can Elite Personal Training do for you?



When is the last time you felt comfortable at the pool or beach? When is the last time you thought nothing of putting on a swimsuit while on vacation? Besides that, how long has it been since you actually liked the sizes you pulled off the rack at a department store?  If you answered “A long time” or even “never” you are not alone…


Most people feel uncomfortable and self conscious in clothes – let alone a swimsuit! The truth is with the right tools you can get in great shape and feel more confident than ever before, whether its at work or at the beach. There is a great satisfaction in taking control of your body and transforming it – actually molding it…into what you want.


Take control of your life and your body. Feel great and look great. All you have to do is click the button below to schedule a FREE Consultation and start your own journey!




Three Session “Jump-Start” Package on sale now!


The Jump-Start package is Lexington KY’s’ latest and greatest Personal Training Package. If you get registered for the Jump Start you will receive all of the following, at an extremely discounted price:


  • Personalized Nutrition Plan – After reading this you will know exactly how to lose weight. What foods you can eat (hint: you get to keep all your favorites), when you can eat them and in what amounts are all covered. This is not a “cookie cutter” Nutrition Plan, it is designed specifically to teach you specifically how to eat for your body. ($149.00 Value)

  • Full Fitness Evaluation – This allows us to see exactly where you are at this point in your Fitness life. Weight, measurements, and a Fitness Assessment will be performed. Information gleaned here can be looked back at in the future to see progress, and also allows me to custom craft Nutrition Guidelines just for you. ($39.95 Value)

  • 3 Sessions with Lexington KY’s Top Fitness Expert –This includes answers to all the questions about Fitness and Nutrition that you can think of – 3 full workouts, as well as lessons in anatomy, mind/muscle connection, and more!

    My recently Published Book – Live Fit Live Free!

  • FREE Copy of my New Book LIVE FIT, LIVE FREE– The Ultimate Guide To Losing Fat Without Losing Your Lifestyle. This alone is a $19.95 Value!  This book is a compilation of my life’s work, and has every valuable piece of Fitness Information I could cram between two covers! Every topic is covered – from how to calculate calories to what exercises produce the best results. You get it absolutely FREE with the Jump Start Package!

  • 1 Month Subscription to my motivational Offline Newsletter – The Jay Scott Letter $19.95 Value! Every monthly Issue is chock full of result producing information and motivation.


Now I will tell you right now that I don’t sell my services based on price. Never have, never will. I KNOW my services are worth every penny I charge and I tell people to look elsewhere if they want “budget” Personal Training. I offer the best services and results – that is my selling point. That’s why I am able to offer a Money-Back Guarantee for all of my services –


The Jump-Start package is no different – you are fully satisfied or YOU GET YOUR MONEY BACK. There is NO OBLIGATION to continue after the 3 Session Jump Start.


If for any reason you don’t feel this this is the best exercise experience ever, then you get every penny of your money back. It’s that simple. Not only that but you keep the personalized meal plan, results of the Fitness Evaluation, and all the information you can glean from spending 3 sessions with Lexington’s Top Fitness Professional – at no charge!


I’m offering a package like this for several reasons.


One, as all of us know – times are tough. It’s not easy to spend money on something unless you are sure it works –


It makes it much easier when the one selling you the product or service is willing to put their money where their mouth is and offer a Money Back Guarantee.


Two, It’s impossible for me to accept everyone that wants training. CE-Fitness is built on results and that means the client has to truly want to accomplish their goals. The Jump-Start allows me to find out if you are truly motivated and ready to take this huge step towards a new life –


Three, you need to decide if my type of training is right for you. Not all trainers and clients mesh perfectly and when I take you into the CE-Fitness team you become part of my family. Something that includes opportunity to call 24/7 and ask for advice or help – I’ll tell you right now I really do care, and this is the best Personal Training experience in Lexington.


Now there is one question to ask yourself – are you ready for a new life? It may sound cliche’ but that is truly what you will be getting. Because everything in life is better, richer, and fuller, when you are toned, trim and in shape. Everything. Pick up the phone or shoot me an email right now. Don’t put it off. Remember you have nothing to lose except dress and pant sizes – call today for your FREE consultation, and to sign up for The Jump Start package!


*ALERT* My slots for the Jump Start are filling quickly – and I only have so many openings available – if you are interested in the Jump Start Program – to find out what CE-Fitness is all about –  and finally get the body and life you want and deserve; please call me at 859-576-4453 or click the button below now to get your FREE Consult and reserve your slot!


Call me at 859-576-4453 or click below to get your FREE Consult! No risk, just results!




Yours In Health,

Jay Scott









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